Some Of Our Happy Clients

I started with the program on June 14, 2013, and 3 weeks later was the last time I lit up a cigarette. I have smoked at least a pack to a pack and a half a day for more than 50 years. I am now completely nicotine-free and well on the way to helping my body repair the damage I have done in the past 50 years, I consider this a miracle in just 21 days.


On the evening of March 1, 2011, I started the program and the next month I realized I would never smoke again!! I had been smoking one to two packs a day for almost thirty years and between my wife and I, we tried everything. First we tried the “gum,” then acupuncture; they didn’t work. My wife went to a hypnotist with the agreement that I would go if it worked for her. She bought a pack on the way home. Then we discovered the patch. That thing pumped so much nicotine in my body that I tried to roll it up and smoke it! Your program was a miracle for me, and I would suggest it to any one that truly wants to be free from cigarettes.


My wife and I went to a hypnotist to help us break the habit, but by the seventh day, we were very irritable and getting on each other’s nerves. That day my wife tripped on a loose step going down the cellar stairs. As you can image, the yelling match started. I then proceeded to go down into the cellar with a sledgehammer and totally destroyed the entire set of stairs. My wife then threw a pack of cigarettes at me and told me that it was not worth it. Recently my daughter came over to the house with your stop-smoking program. Reluctantly, I tried the program and to my total amazement I was smoke free in just 25 days. While using the program I didn’t become irritable and I had no problem staying on the program.

Mark Jennings

"I had tried everything with no success. A friend convinced me to try the Ultimate stop smoking program. I would never have believed it could be this easy. I was free within the week."


"I smoked 3 packs of cigarettes a day for 35 years. Numerous times I tried unsuccessfully to quit. Once I quit for 3 months only to return to smoking when a stressful situation arose. Sound familiar? I discovered a simple, inexpensive way to quit smoking using natural herbs and behavior modification. I had ABSOLUTELY NO WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS."


"I had been smoking for 44 years. Since I started taking this program two weeks ago, I have only smoked about 10 cigarettes. I just seemed to have lost the desire or need to smoke."